Artist Statement:  My jewelry is in tribute to holistic life cycles, intra-nature relationships, and nature-human connectivity. My intent as an artist is to highlight the grace, complexity, simplicity, and essence that is present in the vastness ofthe other organisms we as humans exist with. The lines of a jaw bone are complex and delicate, the skeleton of a seedpod, which once held within it hundreds of seeds, is now veins of lace. Through metalsmithing techniques, I create a context which implies a physical connection between the wearer and other life forms, impermanent made permanent.

Anna Johnson is a metalsmith living in Asheville, North Carolina. Her work is driven by nature, the love of technical processes, creating intimate objects, and a deep fascination of life, death, impermanence, cycles, and personal value. Anna has shown exhibited in numerous locations around the United States and has been featured in publications including American Craft Magazine (2015).