Artist Statement: 

My work  investigates the inner structures of buildings and the process of casting cement while capturing geometric, minimalist and organic shapes. I am interested in the differences between Mexican and American architecture. Structures made from Cement vs. hollowed and unfinished structures. I focused on this dichotomy in this work and explored with the materials I remember as a child incorporating them with modern materials and colors that I am surrounded by now as an adult.


Although  the cement forms themselves look heavy, most of the pieces are hollow and very lightweight. I want to create the illusion of heaviness, but it is the complete opposite, allowing you to wear the pieces comfortably. I use materials like; latex gloves, condoms, to create a sense of tension, plastic shot glasses, coffee milk cartons and toys to create unusual forms and textures.

Georgina Trevino from Tijuana, Mexico currently living and working from her full time studio in San Diego, California. She received her BFA  in Applied Design with an emphasis in Jewelry/Metals from San Diego State University in 2014.

Her work is a personal narrative and reflection of the nostalgic memories of unfinished architecture in Tijuana, Mexico. She incorporates industrial material local to the framework of Tijuana infrastructure into jewelry that discusses the dichotomy between conventional building material straddling the United States and Mexico border.