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Kat has always taken great inspiration from her sense of place. Subtle shifts in her transient homes can be seen with each new body of work. She currently lives in Dallas, TX and this new work is a direct refection of her home in an urban city. The addition of rich color, enamel decals, and steel hollow forms are stand out references to her interest in the environment she calls home. 


Artist Statement:  I find meaning through the observance and intimate awareness of the places I inhabit. With each geographic change, I have become more attuned to the natural and man-made attributes that make each location unique. An interest in the anti-aesthetic aspects of a place draws me to the abandoned buildings and factories, scrap yards, piles of trash and detritus found in the streets. This is the evidence of human inhabitants- past and present. The play between the intimate scale of jewelry and monumental landscapes and structures that inspire me brings a kind of tension to the work. An attempt to contain some quality of place and experience that is larger than the individual or object.

Brooch, steel, enamel

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Kat Cole received her MFA at East Carolina University and BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and taught Metals/Jewelry at Western Michigan University.  Cole is currently a studio artist in Dallas, TX and will be a presenter at the Yuma Symposium 2014 in Yuma, AZ.  Cole is exhibiting at Schmuck 2014, an international contemporary jewelry exhibition in Munich, Germany and her work can be seen at Facere Art Jewelry Gallery in Seattle WA, Light Art + Design in Chapel Hill, NC and Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco CA. Cole’s work is in private and public collections including The Museum of Arts and Design in New York.