Leia Zumbro

My imitation and translation of the natural word is in part a struggle to understand and communicate the daily phenomenons in our lives and also a borrowing of it's simplistic yet powerful language. By creating forms reminiscent of the natural, I strive to relate the feeling of wonder and mystery experienced with discovery in our natural world. I use my own linear language, playing with the positive and negative space of line to create multifaceted compositions. My intention is for the viewer to be caught up in the mystery of what the objects are, have a desire to wear them enjoy their iteration with them.

Crescent Moon bangles 2014, Steel, sterling silver, 14kt gold, brass

Leia Zumbro studied at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with Paulette Myers, receiving her BFA in Metalsmithing in 2007. In December 2012, she received an MFA in Metals from East Carolina University.

head shot.jpg

She is currently living and working in St. Louis Missouri. Her work is inspired by the forms and patterns she drawn to in the natural world. The adoration she has for nature inspires her to choose materials with less impact on the environment. This is why she predominately uses steel; it is the most recyclable material. It's a metal with links to the earth that is inherent in its very physicality. The texture and rich black surface of her work regales steel's origins and appears as if it could have been uncovered from the ground only a moment ago. Leia makes one of a kind and everyday jewelry which she shows and sells nationally.