Sarah Holden

Rigid Industrial Steel. A material masculinized by American heroes like "Superman: The Man of Steel" and "John Henry: The Steel Driving Man." I create sculptural objects and jewelry that employ steel and its history of strength and machismo, yet challenge that potency by rendering the steel curvy and lace-like, revealing steel's ability to be fragile and decorative. Fleshy Nylon Stockings. A materials used as a prop to eroticize the female body in photography, initiated by icons like "Betty Page: The Queen of Pinups." However, in my work, stockings are pushed beyond their visual and tactile qualities; knotted, stretched and sewn, becoming the structural muscle that holds the decorative steel elements in place. The body is the site for this experimentation to be presented and is the source of form since both materials connect to the gendered identities through sexual desire of the perfect body. Exposing the visual and physical similarities between the line of the steel and the line of stocking works to balance my conflicted relationships with polarized gender identities.

Sarah Holden received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts: Material Studies and Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Sarah exhibits her work nationally and internationally as in her inclusions in Siamese Connection at Brooklyn Metalworks Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, Monochrome Noir at the Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Fransisco, CA, and One and Only at ARTspace Gallery at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, WI. Previous select exhibitions include Art of the Table at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI, La Noche del Broche at Equinox Gallery, San Antonio, TX, Metals Inclinations Online exhibition, and In der Sudsee at the Friends of Carlotta Gallery in Zurich Switzerland. Sarah has also been honored with an Undergraduate Fellowship from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.