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Laritza Garcia

My personal development and professional training have led me to believe that playful attitudes help people cope, problem-solve and can offer emotional lightness.  My jewelry pieces present familiar childhood imagery in efforts to drive forth the restorative nature of imaginative behavior. Gestural objects in vibrant colors materialize as graphic triggers that reconnect people with regenerative powers of playfulness. My approach encompasses a dual investigation of gestural drawing and traditional metalworking practices. I use inks and calligraphy brushes to make linear illustrations that are the base from which ideas are developed into refined pieces of adornment. The intent of this body of work is to infuse wardrobes and activate walls with whimsical pieces that bring levity to the forefront.  

Brooch, copper, steel, powder coat, 2014

Laritza Garcia is a metalsmith and educator living in Austin, Texas. She received her BFA in Jewelry and Metals from Texas State University and her MFA in Metal Design at East Carolina University. Painting, illustration, and involvement with youth outreach are meaningful influences in the direction of her jewelry designs.

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Her jewelry has showcased in national exhibitions and international publications. Laritza maintains an active studio practice and currently teaches 3D Design at Texas State University.