Artist Statement: I believe art jewelry is another way in creating functional and conceptual work on a small scale that is also mobile with the body. Currently, I am interested in creating pieces that juxtapose polished, traditional fashion jewelry ideas with rough, asymmetrical, and dynamic wearable art.

Lindsay Locatelli’s process is entirely intuitive making every piece unique.  Each component is hand sculpted and carved from polymer clay. After fabrication, she applies various finishing techniques such as paint, carving texture and gold-leafing.  This is the single-most important part of her process, which requires many layers of materials and tedious sanding sessions in between.



In 2009, Lindsay Locatelli received her BFA in Studio Furniture Design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). After graduating, she began creating small-scale functional objects, which led her to art jewelry. Locatelli currently resides in Bloomington, Minnesota but lived a large portion of her creative career in New Mexico. Her work can be found at Gallery 360, Edina MN, Lillstreet in Chicago IL, James May Gallery in Algoma WI and other various institutions and Art Centers.