Liz is inspired by forms in nature and imbues each piece with a subtle femininity. Her work is a result of her love for nature and the desire to place this beauty on the body for everyday wear. Kinetic elements create dynamic jewelry forms in sterling silver that are light in weight and allow for ease of wear. As resident of Boone, NC her observation of nature is a bountiful terrain.

Artist Statement:  Each of my compositions is a mantra inspired by flowers and rivets.  In my studio, I find rhythm in sawing, drilling and assembling— meditative tasks repeated over and over. The absence of certain elements, like color, allows the form and the movement of the work to be emphasized, I am informed by the subtle beauty in nature. I try to mimic and stylize the patterns and repetition in plant and flowers. My most recent body of work combines precious metal with simple line and shape, to create petite metal bouquets and floral landscapes that have a strong, yet delicate and feminine presence.

Liz Clark received her BFA in Crafts/Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2006. She currently lives in the mountains of Boone, NC where she maintains a metal studio and creates jewelry full time.