Jillian Moore

Jillian Moore is an artist and writer based in Iowa City, Iowa working primarily in the field of contemporary jewelry and small sculpture. Moore received a BFA in Metalsmthing and Jewelry Making from Western Illinois University in 2004, and an MFA in Jewelry and Metal Arts from the University of Iowa in 2008. Her work is inspired by forms in the biological world, and amplified by an interest in the fantastical.

Gold Double Cupper Brooch with Red Mouths.jpg

Operating with a background in metalsmithing and a foreground in experimental resins and other plastic processes, Moore's work is comprised of a variety of new materials and techniques executed with the obsessive, monomaniacal approach of her craft discipline training. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently with a solo exhibition during Munich Jewellery Week, as an exhibitor at SIERAAD Art Fair in Amsterdam, and at Athens Jewelry Week as part of the ongoing international exhibition “ABC...”

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