Rachel will be a presenter at the 2016 YUMA Symposium, February 25th-27th! Check it out HERE


Rachel is located in Long Beach, CA. She has created a collection of jewelry that correlates sentimental feelings toward food into memorial objects for wear. Using traditional metalsmithing methods of enamel, electro-forming and stone setting she demonstrates the connection we have with food and its emotional commonality with jewelry keepsakes. This visually playful work is unique to Rachel’s hand and each piece is one-of-a-kind! 

Onion Ring Bangle 2015 electroformed copper, enamel, gemstones

Onion Ring Bangle 2015 electroformed copper, enamel, gemstones

Artist Statement:  Using jewelry as my love letter to food and everything food related, I attempt to create a distinct artifact from my journey; objects that create a direct channel to specific moments of comfort. I preserve memories, celebrate and connect to others by adorning the body with food.  While I look to edibles for inspiration and guidance, I look to my craft of metalsmithing to catalog and preserve these moments.  With electroforming, fabrication I am able to create food-based forms; by adding color with vitreous enamels, powder coat, gemstones and gold I capture a moment in time, for all time.

Rachel Kassia Shimpock is currently an Adjunct Instructor of Metals and Jewelry at CSU Long Beach, California. She is also a Part-Time instructor and Lab Technician for the Jewelry and Metals program at Long Beach City College.  She is a California native raised in Surf City Orange County by two high school teacher (hard core nerd) parents.  She received her MFA in the Jewelry/Metals program at San Diego State University and her BFA from Cal State University Long Beach. Her work has been shown extensively domestically, is part of the collection in Oregon Museum of Contemporary Craft and published in “Humor in Craft” by Brigitte Martin. She regularly gives workshops in various metal techniques to schools and groups. Rachel is carrying on the legacy of her parents and her trade by teaching, getting involved in her community whenever possible and utilizing every opportunity to nerd out and spread the gospel of metals and jewelry!